Hello guys! I just wanted to quick check in, and let everyone know that I opened my Etsy store! This is my little side passion, and allows me creative freedom with some floral design. My Grandma and I have been doing floral design since I was young. She taught me, and provided me with the tools I needed to flourish on my own. While I will not be quitting my day job for this, it still keeps me on my toes. As of right now I currently have multiple brides in my community asking for quotes for me to do floral design for their upcoming weddings! How exciting is that? I'm geeked about it! I just wanted to share with everyone because flowers are one of my passions. I won't be doing too much promotion of Etsy on here, but feel free to contact me again if you need something. 




Photo Boxes

We're swooning over the sample we just got in the mail today! From now on, all clients will have the option to receive their photos via customized box set. You invested in your photos, why not have a handmade keepsake? Gold etched and handcrafted, these boxes are sturdy and stylish. Please inquire further for additional designs and options. Pair up with prints from our preferred lab, and you have yourself a gift worth keeping for yourself! Contact us today to order yours! 

Boudoir Success

Last weekend I had a successful boudoir event with a fellow photographer and friend, Kelsie from Intricate Exposures. We work together mainly on weddings, and our friendship goes back to high school. I'm sure we'll run similar events together in the future! We had so much fun doing this and  so I wanted to share some sneak peek photos. These are mostly safe for work. Please contact me if you're interested in booking a similar session!

Boys Will Be Boys

Now as much trouble as boys can sometimes be, we would be lying if we said we didn't love them! Absolutely adore these photos from a spontaneous session today. Family always make the best models. I recently got a new piece of equipment (Canon 85mm f/1.8 for all you photographers out there). I love it! We had some fun messing around today, but I can't wait for my next scheduled shoot to really put it to work. 

Boudoir Marathon!

Hey gals (or guys, that could be fun)! I just wanted to let you know about an upcoming event I'm putting on with a fellow photographer and friend, Kelsie Dean! On the 29th of this month, you'll have the opportunity to get some sensual boudoir photos done at a discounted price! This event will fill up quickly, so email me if you'd like to hold your spot. It'll be 30 minute session that include hair and makeup! These are perfect presents for any of my brides to give their future husbands on the wedding day! Also, we will have the photos delivered to you before Valentine's Day! Even if you're not engaged, these make great Valentine's presents for your significant other. Let me know if you want to reserve your spot today!